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Our Values

Know our business:
Master our craft:
Forge strong partnerships:
Deliver on time:
Be Persistent:

We know our business:

Our customers require mission-critical structured information and knowledge management for technical publications (in aerospace, defense and STM), regulatory submissions (in pharmaceuticals and energy), legislation (in commercial and government publishing), and contracts (in financial, insurance and human resources).

We strive to stay on the leading edge of technology:

We know current as well as some of the most arcane publishing technologies. We ensure these products are integrated and implemented correctly. And we ensure that technologies fit each customer's particular publishing requirement.

We work with the best partners:

We are Canada's premier PTC Arbortext reseller, as well as their leading training and implementation partner. We can support the most demanding dynamic publishing requirements. Not only do we work with the best technology partners in the business, but we also know their products at a fundamental level.

We have a clear record of on-time deliverables:

From business case to sign-off, Newbook supports customers in all phases of the work. We adhere to strict standards for design, development and quality control. Customers appreciate our proven, incremental approach to managing multi-phase technology projects.

We support and mentor our customers:

Since 1994, Newbook has turned challenging technical publishing tasks into solutions for publishers and consumers, to produce and use complex technical information, day in, day out.

Our efforts enable customers to build value, improve performance and manage risks associated with their information assets.

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