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Parametric Technology Corporation

PTC is all about helping discrete manufacturers succeed by meeting their globalization, time-to-market, and operational efficiency objectives in product development. As one of the world's largest and fastest-growing software companies, we deliver a complete portfolio of integral Product Lifecycle Management solutions to over 50,000 customers in the Industrial, High Tech, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Consumer, and Medical Device industries.

PTC's Arbortext Publishing Solution is the leading provider of enterprise publishing software. We help our customers automate their publishing process, improve information quality and reduce costs. Using our XML-based software, you can create and automatically publish large amounts of information to multiple audiences, in different languages, in any format.

Arbortext helps you produce materials such as product manuals, service manuals, training materials and all other types of information in an automated process that eliminates inconsistency, errors and duplication of effort while making your information more customized and relevant to the recipient. As a result, companies reduce time to market and improve productivity, accuracy and timeliness.

PTC's Windchill Solution Windchill is the only Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that was designed from the ground up to work in an Internet-based, distributed design environment. Whether you need core product data management capabilities, optimization of processes to meet industry-specific requirements, or support for global product development, Windchill uniquely has the capabilities you need to effectively manage global product development teams.
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