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SignifikantSignifikant is a software company providing IT-solutions and services within Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), e-archiving and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). As a vendor of PLM-solutions, Signifikant provides Assert, which targets manufacturing industry’s aftermarket and increases revenue and profit within the aftermarket.

Within e-archiving, Signifikant provides a complete solution based on their Open E-archiving Framework (OEF) for archiving business information as economical information, transactions, medical journals, xml-based information, records and more. This helps Signifikant customers meet business needs and regulatory requirements.

As a vendor of ALM-services, Signifikant offers services to improve efficiency in software development based on tools, processes, agile methods and software development.

Signifikant has delivered IT-solutions and services since 2004, with the head office in Stockholm, Sweden, an office in Mumbai India and with Newbook serving the North American market, there are additional resellers in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia.

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