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The management and staff at Newbook have been working with electronic publishing solutions for decades, and have deployed dozens of content and document management and publishing systems to organizations of all sizes.

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In over 30 years in the publishing industry, Anthony has led the development of electronic information products in Canada by providing design, development and production services to customers with challenging information management requirements.He began work with online information systems in 1988 when he created Prentice-Hall’s Electronic Tax Act, which was the first commercial tax information product sold in Canada. Since then, he has introduced publishing systems to numerous companies in Canada. He has also provided author and end-user training to these organizations and many more. Anthony also shares ideas with peers in international standards committees, leading industry trade associations and open-source software communities.Anthony believes that organizational growth comes from employing people with diverse interests, work experiences and academic backgrounds. He fosters continual development through training, and encourages his staff to participate in the organizations and committees that drive industry trends.
  • Business strategic planning and management consulting
  • Software systems analysis and design
  • Instructional documentation and training, and
  • International standards for information encoding, such as SGML, XML, and HTML, with a particular focus on the application of theses standards in aerospace, defense, legal, scientific, and life science industries
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Phone: (905) 670-9997 x 29


Chris has 25 years of experience in information systems modelling, SGML/XML data design, database integration, data conversion, application design and implementation, and print delivery systems. At Newbook, Chris has led and performed all tasks and directed all phases related to XML, SGML and HTML system design and implementation. Chris excels in SGML/XML DTD design, data modelling, document analysis, problem solving, the ability to acquire programming languages, and effective use of those languages in creating programs in mission-critical situations. Chris also supervises and works well with end-users to provide technical support.
  • SGML/XML processing
  • Object-oriented analysis, design, programming and database integration
  • Web programming with Zope, CGI, PHP, Javascript, Java Servlets, JSP
  • Oracle 10g Enterprise development in UNIX and NT environments
  • Oracle XDK
  • XML abstraction of any JDBC/ODBC accessible database
  • Omnimark, Python, Jython, Java
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Phone: +1 905.670.9997 ext. 26



As a project manager, Debbie has experience in the management of all aspects of the project charter. Debbie has participated in various aspects of application implementation, including project management, forms design, and functional testing, and has worked extensively in the design, preparation and delivery of training materials and user documentation. Debbie is adept at training, organizing, managing, creative thinking, motivating, prioritizing and meeting deadlines.
  • Proven ability to deploy and support technology solutions that meet business and internal customer requirements;
  • Skilled in providing technical training for end-users in various subjects and proficient in the creation of training materials and user manuals; and
  • Possesses excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills with a strong customer focus.
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Phone: +1 905.670.9997 ext. 35


Richard is a specialist in object-oriented software development in Java, C and C++. He has developed applications for native Windows platforms, Unix and Web environments. He also has extensive experience developing cross-platform applications that process XML and SGML data. He has worked extensively with Internet technologies and understands the challenges of implementing web- and browser-based systems.
  • Object-oriented analysis, design and programming (Java, C++)
  • Scripting languages (Python, Perl, Omnimark)
  • XML and SGML processing and stylesheet development (XSLT, Arbortext Styler, FOSI)
  • Web programming including HTML, JSP, JavaScript, servlets and applets
  • Automated rendering applications/techniques (e.g. PDF, PostScript, HTML)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +1 905.670.9997 ext. 25


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