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Newbook has formed strategic partnerships with vendors whose technologies complement our existing solutions and services. We leverage industry standard products, skills and knowledge base to deliver a value-added solution that is tailored to our customers' needs.

The global solution for math and science education. WIRIS, based in Barcelona and in Long Beach, is the math and science provider trusted by millions of teachers, students, publishers, universities, and EdTech companies since 1999.

Newbook is proud to partner with WIRIS Math in deployment of our best-of-breed technical authoring and publishing solutions.

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PTC's Arbortext Publishing Solution is the leading provider of enterprise publishing software. We help our customers automate their publishing process, improve information quality and reduce costs. Using our XML-based software, you can create and automatically publish large amounts of information to multiple audiences, in different languages, in any format.

Arbortext helps you produce materials such as product manuals, service manuals, training materials and all other types of information in an automated process that eliminates inconsistency, errors and duplication of effort while making your information more customized and relevant to the recipient. As a result, companies reduce time to market and improve productivity, accuracy and timeliness.

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Typefi Systems Pty Ltd is a leader and innovator in the development of intelligent, scalable, cross-media publishing solutions. Typefi's flagship product, Typefi® Publish, automates publishing, design and composition processes for the rapid production of richly-formatted documents. Typefi Publish is used in a wide range of industries to produce books, annual reports, brochures and catalogues, journals, technical manuals and more, in digital and print media.

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