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Newbook Services

At Newbook, our three key differentiators include:

  • Business-centric & Market-driven Practices
  • Technical Expertise & Industry Knowledge
  • Software & Systems Integration Support

Business-centric & Market-driven Practices

Newbook’s Professional Services Group is organized into “practices”. Practices provide a business-centric, market-driven approach to providing solutions. Information technology must be designed and deployed to serve the business. Our practices focus on understanding the business challenges of our customers and the industries in which they operate and by establishing highly collaborative and trusting relationships with them.

Technical Expertise & industry knowledge

Each practice features a talented and experienced team of resources that combine strong technical knowledge with extensive experience in a specific area of focus. Practices support the collection of industry knowledge and foster expertise that is incorporated into Newbook’s product and service offerings.

Software & System Integration Support

Developing software and systems integration requires significant advance preparation and ongoing support. Newbook has extensive experience with regulatory systems from the initial conceptual stages to maintenance. To this end, Newbook provides the following services:

  • Business Requirements Specifications
  • Strategic Planning & Cost Benefit Analyses
  • Functional Requirements Specifications
  • Document Analysis & SGML/XML DTD/Schema Design & Development
  • Technology Architecture and Design & Infrastructure Planning
  • Stakeholder Consultations & Management
  • Change Management & Project Management
  • Procurement Support
  • Product/Programme Review & Assessment
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