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Electronic Collective Bargaining Course Overview

The following Electronic Collective Bargaining courses are available:

  • Introduction to CBS (Collective Bargaining System)
  • Customized Training and Mentoring Service

Introduction to CBS (Collective Bargaining System)

During this (Anthony's input) one-day course, you will learn the basic, intermediate and advanced concepts necessary for collective bargaining today. In this course, you will learn basic concepts that include key terms, the major areas of the system, the collective agreement library and the bargaining workspace. You learn how to login, navigate the system, get help, and get support.

You will learn intermediate concepts that include user roles and descriptions. Viewing and printing a collective agreement, adding and deleting documents. You will also learn how to search, view and edit information and utilize the reference library. Additionally you will learn advanced operations that include opening, closing and navigating the bargaining workspace including opening and closing a round of negotiations. You will also learn how to add, update, publish and index a new agreement.

Customized Training and Mentoring Service

Ask us about our value-added proposition for training. We can customize the guides for delivery and provide additional learning material specific to your organizations needs when required.  For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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