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Newbook's Industry Solutions, Technology Initiatives, and Development Disciplines

We don't sell over-reaching proposals for non-existent problems. We develop solutions that work.

Since our inception, we have met the business needs of key industries, working with some of the leading organizations in these industries. Follow the Industries link to learn more about how Newbook serves each targeted sector.

Newbook's technical publishing solutions are purpose-built to meet these business needs. Whether we are using a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product or an open source technology, there's a lot of Newbook know-how that goes into making the solution work for you. When you are the very best at your craft, key architectural components — SGML, XML, LaTeX, and even more arcane typesetting languages, processing scripts and compiled languages — are a core part of your business. We ensure that the technology fits each customer's particular publishing requirement. Our solutions work so well that many are still in use, year in and year out, for a decade or more. Our very best solutions are the ones our customers own and maintain themselves. Read the Disciplines page to learn about our solution development standards and processes.

Read the Initiatives page to learn more about the specific technologies Newbook favours in our solution development.

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