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Service information is used by manufacturers, maintenance, and support personnel to provide safety information and eliminate costly equipment downtime.

Information Standard: DocBook, DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)
  • improve manufacturing efficiencies
  • reduce manufacturing research efforts, save time
  • reduce equipment downtime
  • minimize liabilities, by improving documentation quality and
  • reduce translation costs.
Compliance: ISO 9001, 14000

The manufacturing industry views timely and accurate service information as a competitive advantage. Service information is about creating and maintaining knowledge through documentation. Documents are authored and revised often, by any number of peers or editors. Externally, customers rely on the availability of up-to-date documents and translated content.

Newbook uses standards-based formats and technologies that go hand-in-hand with industry standard compliance. We can provide a manufacturing industry solution to that will enable you to meet these and other challenges.

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