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Standards Publishing

The many users of standards documents include manufacturers, research bodies, consultants, universities, businesses and governments. Standards support customers at state or provincial, national and  increasingly  international levels.

A common requirement for all of these users is information delivery that is:

  • timely (quick to access),
  • current,
  • authored by a committee of experts, and
  • delivered as originally approved.

Customers may need:

  • availability of the full breadth of topic investigation,
  • ability to customize the type and amount of information requested,
  • ability to integrate alternative sources of related material external to the organization, and
  • different product delivery formats.

A standards organization's ultimate goal is to satisfy the various needs of consumers:

  • improve manufacturing efficiencies,
  • reduce manufacturing research efforts,
  • eliminate the need for duplicate testing,
  • save time,
  • become more competitive, resulting in improved profitability, and
  • benefit from the assurance associated with the organization's mark.

All of these services revolve around creating and maintaining knowledge through documentation. Internally, documents are authored and revised any number of times, by any number of peers or editors. Externally, customers rely on the availability of up-to-date standards and associated documents.

Many of our customers are in industries with strict oversight, reporting and workflow compliance rules. Standards-based formats and technologies go hand-in-hand with industry compliance.

Newbook provides solutions that support content management, workflow tracking, single-source publishing, translation, and digital media production. Read our Initiatives section for information on the technologies that can support your organization.

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