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Structured content solutions must fit the needs of the organizations they serve. That’s where Newbook comes in. We’re a tightly-knit team of experts that help our clients meet the challenges of authoring and publishing complex

information for scientific, technical, and health-related environments. When your product information needs to be available in multiple languages, and there’s no time for revision—you’re going to need Newbook.

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We understand that meeting regulatory and industry standards for structured content is daunting.

Newbook guides you in the right direction by helping you make informed decisions, especially when the road gets bumpy along the way.


We find the right solution for each industry project we undertake.

Newbook has been deploying custom and commercial solutions since 1994. Our portfolio of successful industry implementations includes:

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We take the time to get to know you and then we tailor a system that fits the needs of your organization. 

Our reviews produce reports that:

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Delivering structured content solutions since 1994

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Repetitive, last-minute content changes to product manuals leads to shipment delays and potentially serious liability. Newbook has delivered nearly three decades of innovative, purpose-built, and scalable publishing solutions. These are demonstrated results you can trust. Get your solution done right for today and scalable for the future. Say goodbye to ad hoc and last-minute fixes to your publications. Say hello to authoring applications and publishing stylesheets custom built for your organization’s needs.

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Our structured content solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. It increases in value with the growing volume of information it supports.

Developing a structured content system purpose-built for you, is what drives us. We know that when this is done right, you finally have the time to focus your best energy where it makes the biggest difference. There is little or no room for touch-ups and do-overs in mission critical systems. Step into the world of well-designed, structured content authoring and publishing systems.