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For almost 30 years, the Newbook team has been leading growth in the technical publishing industry, delivering quality content to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. Our honest, expert approach means your technical publishing and software solutions can be resolved without a hitch.

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Innovative technical solutions that empower your project from the bottom up.

As a niche team of expert problem-solvers, clients frequently come to us with technical dilemmas. Our custom products and tailored services take the guesswork out of structured content authoring and publishing, putting your project in the best of hands.

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Meet Our Team

Anthony Villa


With over 30 years in the publishing industry, Anthony has led the development of electronic information products in Canada. He began work with online information systems in 1988 when he created Prentice-Hall’s Electronic Tax Act—the first commercial tax information product sold in Canada. Since then, he’s introduced publishing systems to numerous companies in Canada. Passionate about sharing ideas with peers in international standards, industry trade, and software communities, Anthony believes in continual development through training, and encourages his staff to participate in organizations and committees that drive industry trends forward.


Chris van Mels

Director, Business Application Development

Chris has 25 years of experience in information systems modeling, SGML/XML data design, database integration, and everything in between. At Newbook, he’s led and performed all tasks and directed all phases related to XML, SGML, and HTML system design and implementation. A true problem-solver through and through, Chris also supervises and provides effective technical support.


Richard Steadman

Director, Software Development

Richard is a specialist in object-oriented software development in Java, C and C++. He has developed applications for native Windows platforms, Unix, and Web environments. With extensive experience in developing technical publishing cross-platform applications that process XML and SGML data, using technologies such as Arbortext, XSL-FO, and Framemaker. He’s worked extensively with internet technologies and there’s no one better to understand and conquer the challenges of implementing web and browser-based systems.


Debbie Haime

Director, Project Management Office

As our expert in-house project manager, Debbie spearheads many areas of the project charter. She’s here to help with application implementation, including project management, forms design, and functional testing. With Debbie, your project management needs are met, from training to creative thinking, prioritizing to meeting deadlines. She leaves no stone unturned.


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